Jul 232008

Classic vehicles parade through Deer Lodge

Territorial Days ParadeLast month, June 14th to be exact, was Territorial Days here in Deer Lodge, Montana, and part of the festivities included a parade along Main Street by a varied selection of classic and muscle cars, farm tractors and other vehicles. I was there to capture the moment in pictures, which can be seen at Vehicle Parade Photos

Jul 022008

New James Bond Novel

Devil May Care:

The NEW James Bond Novel by Sebastian Faulks (writing as Ian Fleming)

We have just received delivery of this limited edition of the new James Bond novel. This is number 250 of only 300 copies made available worldwide, the splendid Bentley Special Series Edition. Beautifully bound in leather, with stitching to match the luxury car makers upholstery, this book also contains a die cast model of James Bonds Mark VI Bentley, ‘the ‘Locomotive’ as Fleming referred to it. Completely sold out in the UK, the only available copies are now in the US, and this is one of only 100 copies for sale here. We ship worldwide, so if this is the book your personal library is calling out for (and it should be), purchase it today and it could soon be on its way into your collection. Click here for more details.

Although this particular edition of ‘Devil May Care’ has never been read, I did purchase a copy of the UK edition a few weeks ago, here are my thoughts (for what they are worth).

Faulks manages to bring the writing style of Fleming back from the Sixties, without it being too much of a pastiche. The story moves along at a brisk pace, although never quite living up to the ‘Fleming sweep’. The characters were interesting, with a twist to one that was a bit of a surprise. I thought the tennis match worked much better than I expected when I first heard about it, very much in the style of the great battles on the golf course or around the casino tables that Fleming thrilled us with. The appearance of the ‘Caspian Sea Monster’ was inspired, a machine I always thought belonged in Bond’s universe more than our own. Overall I thought it a very enjoyable read, a welcome return of the Adult Bond thriller. Hopefully more Bond novels will be appearing in bookshops before too long.

David Williams (www.bondpix.com)

Montana, USA

July 2nd 2008