Dec 032008

Christmas Shopping, Bond Style

Just in time for the Festive Holidays, we have just listed a new set of James Bond Collectibles. You can see a selection of our latest acquisitions below this message.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Bond movie on TV, and if you like watching your 007 films uncut and without the commercials we have the Region One (US/Canada) 2 disc Ultimate Edition DVD’s for only $9.99 each. Or buy the whole 21 movie boxed set for just $149.99! Get in quick, we have very limited stocks.

There’s nothing like a good book to curl up with on those cold winter days, so don’t forget the man who started it all, Ian Fleming. As the Fleming Centenary comes to a close, you can buy his thrilling novels from only $7.99 each from our store.

Many more great gift ideas are available, please go to our online store at

For Non-US/International orders, please ensure we receive payment before Tuesday 9th December for Christmas delivery to Canada/Europe/Australia/Asia/Mexico. Within the US, you can order anytime before 19th December. (Obviously, Christmas Delivery is entirely dependent upon the US Postal Service and International Carriers. Unfortunately, they are not as reliable as Santa! However, we will our very best to ensure your parcel arrives before the big day.)

Whether you shop with us or elsewhere, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.

David and Valerie Williams

Montana, USA

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