Apr 232009
Well, it’s supposed to be spring here in Montana. After temps reached the seventies yesterday, we now have snow falling! Anyway, we’ve decided to do a little bit of Spring cleaning and have a Spring Sale at bondpix.com/shop

Enter the code SPRING10 or SPRING20 into the box on your Shopping Cart page to receive your discount.

Sale ends midnight Sunday 26th April 2009

Below you will find a small selection of items we have for sale, including the Ultimate Edition James Bond DVD’s (available as a boxed set or single movie 2 disc versions).  See our complete range of James Bond collectibles at www.bondpix.com/shop

From Russia With Love plate from Franklin Mint

Plate: From Russia With Love from Franklin Mint


The Science of James Bond by Gresh and Weinberg

Book-The Science of James Bond


James Bond Ultimate Edition DVD set of 21 movies

DVD-James Bond Ultimate Edition Set (21 Movies)


James Bond boxed DVD set of 21 movies

DVD-James Bond Boxed Set (21 DVD + 1 CD)


James Bond 007 DVD On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ultimate Edition 2 disc

DVD-On Her Majesty’s Secret Service-2 Disc Ultimate Edition


The James Bond Files On Her Majestys Secret Service by John Peel

The James Bond Files: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

James Bond 007 DVD Goldfinger Ultimate Edition 2 disc

DVD-Goldfinger-2 Disc Ultimate Edition


007 meets 36-24-36 Film Fun magazine from Fall 1965

007 meets 36-24-36


Model Aston Martin DB5 James Bond car from Casino Royale Joyride ERTL

Model Aston Martin DB5 by Joyride ERTL


Model Citroen 2CV from For Your Eyes Only

Model Citroen 2CV by Solido


Model Jaguar XKR Roadster James Bond car by Joyride ERTL

Model Jaguar XKR Roadster by Joyride ERTL


Model BMW Z8 James Bond car by AutoArt

Model BMW Z8 by AutoArt


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