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Piz Gloria in the Swiss AlpsAs most Bond fans know, Piz Gloria was used as the location for Blofeld’s headquarters for the 1969 film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Perched on top of the 10,000 ft Schilthorn mountain in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, this location is even more popular today due to the publicity surrounding its use in the film, as well as being home to a revolving restaurant with spectacular views. In recent years the restaurant building has been enlarged to cater for the growing number of tourists, and the cable cars have been replaced or refurbished, but the location is still a wonderful place to visit, whether you’re a fan of 007 or not.

Cable car at Piz Gloria

I have just uploaded some photos from this location to my website at Piz Gloria Pictures

The photographs were taken on various trips to Switzerland, between 1985 and 1991, when the cable car and restaurant buildings were still in their original state. The journey to Piz Gloria is almost as spectacular as the views from the summit of the Schilthorn. Arriving at the valley station Lauterbrünnen by narrow gauge train from Interlaken Ost, I immediately recognised it as the location where James Bond (George Lazenby) left the train on his own journey to Piz Gloria in ‘OHMSS’. Rather than take a sleigh ride to a helicopter as 007 did, we took the more normal route of funicular and mountain railway to the idyllic Alpine village of Mürren. After a short mile long stroll through this beautiful little town, we arrived at the cable car station of the ‘Luftseilbahn Stechelberg Mürren Schilthorn’ (LSMS). The red cable car was just descending into the station. After passing through the ticket gate we stepped into the cabin and awaited departure time. With a ringing of communication bells we were on our way, first to the middle station of Birg, and then lofted up to the breathtaking heights of the Schilthorn. An unforgettable journey to one of the most majestic viewpoints in the whole of the World.

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Piz Gloria

New photos now online.

I have just uploaded a large batch of photographs, links to all of the new pages are below. The first set is from 1985, taken during my first visit to the mountain top lair of Blofeld, the magnificent Piz Gloria in the Swiss Alps. These pictures show the location used in the 007 film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Today, the revolving restaurant on top of the Schilthorn mountain has been enlarged and re-modelled, as have all of the cable cars.
Pinewood Film Studios

Over the years, Bond fans in the UK and elsewhere have been fortunate to be able to see some of the props, vehicles, models and other items used in the Bond films. Our first set of pictures is from the James Bond Fan Club Convention that was held at Pinewood Film Studios back in 1990. Aston Martin DB5

We also have photos from the ‘World of 007′ exhibition held in 1997 in Leeds, and finally a set of photos from the ‘Bond, James Bond’ exhibition from the Science Museum in London, which we visited in 2002.

James Bond Exhibition Plenty of pictures to look out, and if you want your own copy of the prints, all are for sale. Special prices when you purchase one or more of our sets of prints.

More pictures will be loaded soon, so stay tuned.