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Do You Expect Me To Talk?

As a prelude to the publication of the third Young Bond book, Bondpix is giving ten lucky people the chance to pose a question to author Charlie Higson.

Charlie Higson is a well-known writer of screenplays and adult thriller novels, as well as performer and co-creator of 'The Fast Show' for BBCtv. His third Young Bond Book sees the young James Bond pitted against the dangerous criminal underworld of interwar London, a world of illegal gambling dens, Cambridge spies and East End gangs. Here you'll read about the experiences which turned the boy into the steely and ruthless secret agent that Bond becomes as an adult.

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Please send your questions to us by 30th November 2006, the 10 best questions will feature as part of a larger Q & A feature here on

But what is the book going to be called?
That is up to the British public, as in an unprecedented nationwide vote, fans will get to choose from three possible titles selected by the author. To cast your vote, and become part of James Bond history, visit Voting has now closed

There are three possible titles.

Double or Die
The Deadlock Cipher

There is an exclusive extract from Young Bond 3 on the Young Bond website and a note from Charlie Higson about the three titles he has picked. The title will be kept a closely guarded secret until publication and revealed at an as yet undisclosed, Central London location on the 3rd January 2007.

The first books in the Young Bond series, SilverFin (published in March 2005) and Blood Fever (published in January 2006) enjoyed tremendous success. SilverFin sold over 190,000 copies and spent ten weeks in the top-ten and Blood Fever  went straight to number one in the bestsellers chart.

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