Eunice Huthart

From Gladiators to GoldenEye

Interview conducted by Jon Auty                Photograph David Williams

JA: As far as Bond is concerned you were contacted by EON to work on Goldeneye after your first Gladiator victory in 1994. Who contacted you? Was it Simon Crane?

EH: No it was Richard Whelan, who I think was a production assistant, and he asked me to go down for an audition. Now Iíve said this loads of times, but I thought it was a joke. So I kept putting the phone down and he had to phone back three times in the end. Even then I wasnít taking it seriously because they simply said that theyíd seen me on Gladiators and that Iíd be a good double for Famke.

JA: They thought youíd be a good double because of the physical similarity or because of your ability to perform?

EH: Well the double had to have Martial Arts ability so probably a bit of both. I was the same build as her. I was a good likeness when I was made up. I thought I was a very good double for her. The only draw back was that I was two inches shorter than she was.

JA: So what about that sauna sequence?

EH: Well thatís what I was hired for, because of that high kick. But Wayne Michaels and myself could be filmed in close up. Because of the lighting in the sauna and the steam it was possible to do.

JA: You also doubled Famke for her death scene. How difficult was that to rehearse and film?

EH: It wasnít difficult at all. Itís one of those jobs where the stunt person does nothing. All you have to do is wait to be fired backwards on the jerk-harness and be prepared to get the wind knocked out of you. I enjoyed that a lot because itís very minimal and you have very little preparation.

JA: With only 34 female members on the stunt register do you think that your still treated as a minority?

EH: Itís hard to say. Iíve worked on a lot of things where there are more men than women. On the last Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, theyíre was about 30 stunt people in the pre-title sequence and about 5 or 6 women. We were in the fish market and like a real fish market or any job you get more men to women. Having said that Iíve lost work to men because Iíve not been feminine enough! Itís a mad world isnít it?

JA: Your not feminine enough? Yep itís a mad world all right.

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Many thanks to Eunice for her help and co-operation

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