SpyFest 2003 : Part 2


   The Master of Ceremonies, Marc. B. Lee, announced all the guests. First up was Paul Kyriazi, author of 'Living the James Bond Lifestyle'. Next to appear was the star of the hit TV series 'Kung Fu', David Carradine. After a slow start, David started to enjoy himself and answered many questions from the floor about his film and TV career, including his upcoming collaboration with Quentin Tarantino, 'Kill Bill'. This eagerly awaited movie has been split into two, enabling moviegoers to see the full film in two halves rather than getting a truncated version.


   The Spy Kids were introduced next, all actors under 18 who had appeared in many TV and film series, including Bobby Edner from 'Spy Kids 3D' and 'Agent Cody Banks', Austin Major from 'NYPD Blue' and 'Treasure Planet' and Steven Anthony Lawrence from 'ER', 'Buffy' and 'Frasier'. All of these young stars gave a good account of themselves and answered their fans questions with enthusiasm.


   We decided to take a break from the proceedings to take a tour of the Queen Mary. This magnificent ship towers above the quayside, dwarfing the surrounding structures as well as the Russian Submarine 'Skorpion' that lay beneath her bow. Inside, her opulence astounds you, the beautifully ornate wooden floors and walls of the main hall together with the wonderful displays in the shop windows take you back to the 1930's when she was built. Although the Queen Mary is permanently tethered, you can imagine the oceans swell as you walk down the narrow corridors, and sniff the sea air through the portholes.


   The bar was a very pleasant and relaxing place to sip a beer, or Margarita, although on this occasion a Martini was probably more appropriate. A stroll on deck to the bow was next, together with a toll of the ships bell, although since the clapper was missing it gave more a clunk than a melodic 'ding'. As we approached the stern, the Goodyear airship floated serenely over our heads, reminding us of the airship in 'A View to a Kill' stalking Tanya Roberts. It was now time to return to the main event for the assembled Bond Fans.


Oleg Kalugin                          Wayne Dalglish

   We arrived just as ex-KGB Major General Oleg Kalugin was finishing his talk, and he was given a magnificent ovation as he left the stage. Marc B. Lee then asked us to move to the back of the hall to witness a rare phenomenon. 12 Year old Wayne Dalglish gave us an astonishing display of power and controlled aggression, involving gymnastic, ballet like moves, and it was easy to accept that he was the 15 times World Champion Martial Artist. I feel sorry for any kid who tries to steal his Gameboy!


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