James Bond on the River Thames

The following articles first appeared on the Ian Fleming Foundation web-site 'Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' during the filming of the boat chase for 'The World Is Not Enough'. Many thanks to the editors, especially Panos Sambrakos, for their excellent work in bringing my reports to the attention of the world.

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 From March to May 1999, EON Productions, the Bond crew, filmed an expensive and difficult action scene that forms part of the pre-titles sequence for 'The World Is Not Enough'.

 Click on the following links to see detailed reports and photos of all the action on the Thames and in London's Docklands.

Filming on the Thames
March 30, 1999 -- Bond is back and filming in the open for all of London to see. Pierce Brosnan hasn't made an appearance yet, but Q's special boat driven by a stuntman has already made a splash.

Bond filming near Millennium Dome
March 31, 1999 -- Filming has moved to the billion dollar Millennium Dome and thanks to a Bond fan with a camera, we can show you some of the action.

Bond heads towards Dome
April 6, 1999 -- More filming took place on the Thames near the Dome


A chase on the Thames
April 9, 1999 -- A key part of the chase sequence that Bond fans will have to wait until Nov. 19, 1999 to see on the big screen played out in full view of Londoners when the crew filmed more of the chase on the Thames.

Bond blasts his way down the Thames
April 12, 1999 -- The second unit director has been directing all the action on the Thames. It's a huge chase sequence that will reportedly take a month to film, and we'll show you more of the action.

Bond crew uses tiny chopper for filming
April 14, 1999 -- The Bond crew shut down one of London's most well known landmarks, and they used a tiny chopper to catch all the action.

Bond chopper hovers over Thames to catch the action
April 15, 1999 -- Filming continued on the Thames Thursday but this time the crew traded in their mini-chopper for a full-sized helicopter with a camera mounted on the side to catch the action.

Bond jumps into action
April 16, 1999 -- Filming continued in London Friday -- this time on the Isle of Dogs in East London instead of near Tower Bridge.

Brosnan takes to the Thames
April 19, 1999 -- The day that Bond fans waiting on the banks of the Thames had been waiting for finally arrived on Monday when the real James Bond showed up for the action.

Cigar Girl shoots up the Thames
April 20, 1999 -- Filming on the Thames continued on Tuesday despite the rainy weather, and another one of the big stars was on the scene -- the Cigar Girl, Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Bond is back with a bang
April 22, 1999 -- Bond's filming on the Thames has been ongoing for more than three weeks, but Thursday's action saw Bond mix water with fire to yield an explosive combination.

Explosions on the Isle of Dogs
April 24, 1999 -- After nearly one month of filming on the Thames, the Bond crew was ready to break out the explosives and set the location on fire with action and explosions that filled the London skyline.

Battle Stations: 007 blasts the Thames
May 5, 1999 -- The chase down the Thames claimed another victim when the action took out an old sailing boat that was no match for either the Cigar Girl or Bond.

More action on the Thames
May 14, 1999 -- Filming on the Thames is now in its sixth week, but Friday marked only the second day of filming for Pierce Brosnan and the first time that Director Michael Apted conducted the shoot.

Q-boat squeezes down the canals of London
May 24, 1999 -- After two months of continuing filming, the 2nd unit of "The World Is Not Enough", staged a spectacular scene on their last day on Thames.

A Flying Boat in Tobacco Dock
May 24, 1999 -- Monday was the final day of filming of what promises to be one of the most exciting boat chases in cinema history. And here at 007 NEWS we saved the best for last. Complete with an action video, here's a stunt reminiscent of Louisiana Sheriffs and crocodiles!


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