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áOn set with James Bond 007 : Die Another Day.

Shot on location in Aldershot, southern England, this army tank testing course was doubling for the DMZ in Korea. The area had been 'dressed' to look like a military installation, featuring watch towers, Korean advertising hoardings, mined areas, burnt out vehicles and tank traps. All around were hovercraft, most of them small one-man versions but a couple of larger craft as well. The camera crews were located in strategic places, as well as onboard Bickers Action vehicles. The action unit was directed by Vic Armstrong, whilst Special FX crews set up various explosions and charges to replicate gun fire. Stuntmen Ray De-Hann, Roy Alon and Dave Forman, dressed as Korean soldiers, were in command of the hovercraft, with George Cottle doubling for James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.

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